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Last spring, the state legislature passed one of the country's most extreme anti-immigrant laws, HB2315, a so-called "anti-sanctuary city" law. Throughout the 2018 legislative session, we organized a historic resistance against the passage of the bill, in the legislature and in the streets.

We've been organizing every day since the General Assembly passed HB2315, preparing for the law to go into effect on January 1, 2019.

When former Governor Bill Haslam allowed the bill to become law last May, a wave of fear shot through immigrant communities, who wondered how and where they could feel safe in Tennessee. We've trained hundreds of immigrants on their rights under HB2315, developed a community-based monitoring system to protect our members against rights violations and deportations and have trained public employees on how to protect and restore trust with immigrant families.

Now, we're bringing the fight back to the legislature.  

This week, we filed two bills to undo some of the most harmful provisions of HB2315, protecting victims and witnesses of crimes, ensuring our schools and hospitals remain safe spaces for all Tennesseans, and making the legislature pay for their disastrous and cruel anti-immigrant campaigns. Read more about the bills in our press release here.

We know the fight against HB2315 will take place inside and outside of the state legislature. To monitor HB2315 and defend against its injustices in all 95 counties, we need to massively scale up our community education, legal services, and advocacy work. And we need your help every month this year.

In solidarity, 

Lisa Sherman-Nikolaus, Policy Director 

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition
2195 Nolensville Pike  | Nashville, Tennessee 37211
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